Texting While Driving? You Increase Car Insurance Rates

You might never imagine that increasing use of mobile phone will finally affect car insurance rates and the amount you pay for monthly insurance bill. How are they related? Research has shown that more traffic accidents happened because people kept using their phones while driving. Logically, when you are texting, you take your eyes off the road, and the risk for accident increases.

There are some cases, in which people are shocked by the amount they have to pay for annual insurance bills. You may see double-digit increase in the annual cost. Believe it or not, millions of Americans have been hit by such shocking facts. The similar case happens in every country in the world. What causes this shocking increase? The answer is simple: Distracted Driving.

Texting While Driving You Increase Car Insurance Rates

What Data Says About Car Insurance Rates

Since 2011, overage car insurance rates have increased by 16 percent. Insurers claimed that the dramatic increase was the result of distracted driving. They have to pay more for medical bills due to traffic accident caused by drivers who keep using their phones while driving. In 2016, for example, more than 40.000 people died because of traffic accident. This increased by 14% since 2014. This is also the sharpest hikes during the last 53 years.

According to the data released by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distraction-related accidents accounted for almost 9 percent of the traffic accidents in 2015. The statistic shows increasing trend. Using phone while doing something, such as driving, has been a new habit among young people. State Farm even found that this habit is found in 36% of all drivers.

The problem is that every people will have to pay for it. Increasing accident cases force the insurers to increase car insurance rates. Otherwise, they will not be able to pay the liability. In simple words, everyone is the victim of distracted driving. So, if you do not want to contribute to the fault, do not text while driving!

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