Common Factors Why People Still Do not Take Insurance

Lack of public awareness of the importance of insurance is influenced by various factors. These factors can be concluded as direct and indirect factors. Examples of direct factor such as many agents insurance are still minimal in explaining the benefits and reasons why people should take insurance. The lack of the explanation to the public in explaining the various insurance products rightly makes people afraid to take insurance due to some issues or disadvantages.

Common Factors Why People Still Do not Take Insurance

Common Factors People Don’t Take Insurance

Besides the factors above, there is still one more factor that most directly affects and relates to the reasons why there are still many people do not take insurance. It is a feeling trapped. Yup, the feel they are trapped if they take insurance, moreover, there are several examples of cases that seemed support what they feel. Indeed, there are numbers of people who cannot claim although they have paid monthly as the agreement of insurance.

Here are some other common factors that makes people don’t take insurance;

  • Many people still think insurance is not required because they can afford to pay themselves for any loss, damage or loss.
  • There are still many people think insurance is simply an expenditure that is not supposed to be, not as savings.
  • Many people do not understand about each type of insurance as well as do not know how to claim rightly.
  • Many people feel they will lose more since they cannot get their money back.

Well, for those of you who do not have insurance policy there is an advice to try to take insurance wisely both in selecting the insurance company as well as in selecting one or more of the various types of insurance package you need. It may be better if you ask and learn more about the various terms and conditions applied by each of the insurance industry.

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