4 Smart Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Nobody wants to pay expensive insurance premium, right? If you notice that you paid too high for the existing insurance, the following tips for getting the cheapest car insurance may help. The tips are particularly important since statistic data showed that annual comprehensive policy cost had increased during the last three months in 2016. The increase was even higher than the increase in 2012.

4 Smart Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

The following are some tips to get the cheapest car insurance, if you plan to get a new one to replace the existing one:

  • No one size fits all. It means that no single policy fits all needs for insurance. Therefore, shop around and compare the offer from several sites to find one that fits your need. You can also visit the insurance companies if you cannot access them through their sites.
  • Try black box policy. The car insurance companies frequently charge high premium rates for young drivers, since they are considered riskier. If you have a good driving record, you can try black box policy. It involves installation of telematics – a system that monitors your driving habit, such as speed, braking, and acceleration. With this system, you can prove that you are not a high-risk driver and ask for lower insurance rate.
  • Use ‘Softer’ Term for Your Job. Some jobs are considered riskier than others are. If you have a high-risk job, such as a journalist, try to use a different word to describe it. However, never lie about your job, as it is illegal!
  • Reduce Your Risks. High-risk drivers are charged with higher premium rates. Therefore, try to reduce your risks by installing safety features in your car. They include LED lights, alarm lock, or bigger exhaust

Another way to reduce your risk is by including a second driver, who has a good driving record, on your policy. The second driver may be your parents or someone that drives for you. Those are some tips to get the cheapest car insurance.

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